Deep South MC was founded in September 1995 by 3 MC- Enthusiasts. Our clubhouse is located in “Hangönorra”. Here we’ve also built a Viking village.

The name Deep South MC origins from the company that Bosse started in -93, Deep South Entertainment, which he started for his Rod/Chopper show. Back then Bosse was a member in Fit’s MC.
The idea of starting an independent club started in the 90’s, the area in Hanko (where the Viking Motel is now located) was rented by Bosse from before. To get all the permissions for the MC- club he decided to build a Viking village in the area.

Our biggest interest is to build motorcycles and ofcourse ride them as well. We go to different events and socialize with bikers from around the world.
Welcome to our club!

Best regards, Bosse.